Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dealing with Preschool peer pressure

I've been noticing that my sweet daughter is now being influenced by her peers, yes, her 3 year old peers. She has started to say new words and stick her tongue out (gasp!) and other actions that I prefer her not to do and we definitely don't allow in our home. If I see her copying a bad behavior, I remind her that we don't act like that in our home and if it happens later in the day/night we talk about where she learned this behavior and why we don't act that way. I really didn't expect to see this at such a young age!!

Here is an article that was helpful:

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Anonymous said...

In my college cognitive psych class they said that children learn most of their vocabulary by the age of three, including lots of words their parents don't think they know. ;) It's surprising how some of those behaviors spread like memes through the class. We've had good success with telling the boys that certain behaviors are "things we don't do around moms, grandmas, or teachers". They've done a great job in understanding time and place.